Bipin K K

Sports Coordinator

Students at CIS are provided with a unique opportunity to develop their talents and physical prowess in a safe environment. The main objective of the P.E Department is to guide students to understand the importance of valuing physical activity for its contribution to a healthy life style. Enthusiasm and participation in sport contributes greatly to the richness of academic life at CIS. It is not just that; as all the evidence shows, a brain works better and for longer if it lives in a fit and healthy body.

CIS offers various sporting opportunities through P.E classes, clubs, team sports and private coaching as a part of our larger commitment in providing a holistic educational experience, and excellence in education. Student teams practice for Soccer, Tennis, Swimming, Basketball and Cricket on Mondays and Fridays, after school with school coaches. Apart from this, we also offer Soccer, Karate, Yoga and Tennis as after school activities with private coaches. This is offered to students who want to keep active, develop skills and take part in a rotating selection of sports and activities. Intramural games give all students the opportunity to play in mini tournaments and mixed-ability teams.

Having fun and getting quality sport experiences at CIS gives young people the opportunity to stay interested and involved in sport throughout their school years and beyond.

Bipin K K
Sports coordinator


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