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Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) standards are used to commonly align Additional Language instruction at CIS. Students new to their additional language will adapt quickly to the differentiated additional language classroom. Teachers are accustomed to beginners moving into their classes.

In PK to Grade 3, we provide two levels of Hindi: one for beginners, with a focus on Hindi Language and Culture; and the other aimed at those with a Hindi-speaking or learning background.

In Grades 4 and above, CIS offers foreign language study of Spanish and French, Mother Tongue French (Grades 3-8), or the continued study of Hindi. Students choose one additional language and remain in this language choice for the duration of their studies at CIS.

To provide extra support for learning, CIS offers French at two different levels in Grades 6-10: beginner and advanced. The syllabus goals remain similar, but the start point and rate of study in the two classes vary according to the abilities of the students.

In the IB program, students may study Hindi B, Ab Initio OR Spanish B, Ab Initio OR French B OR Lang. A French SL during Additional Language classes.


Mother Tongue (MT) classes in Spanish, French, and Japanese begin in Grade 3. Students who study these classes do not attend Hindi. Some students begin studying their MT languages earlier, but this is arranged after consultation with the parents and the school administration.

MT classes for German, French (PK to Grade 3 only), Japanese and Spanish are taught independently and optionally during Additional Language slots in many grades. These classes are scheduled in the spring of each year, after parents are polled on their interest in MT Language study.

MT Language teachers set their class lists in spring for the following year, so that their part-time timetables can be created. MT Language classes are held 2-3 times per cycle. Students joining CIS mid-year may not be eligible, as the schedule is created to facilitate the part-time positions of these teachers.

Students in Grades 4-8 studying MT Language may have one self-study class (except Japanese and French) arranged with supervision in the library. These students must be mature enough to work in a self-study environment.

Please note that students attending French & Spanish classes start at beginner level in Grade 4, with the syllabus based on CEFR standards. Learning objectives in both subjects are the same.

Additional Languages take place 1-2 classes per cycle in PK-3, for 3 classes per cycle in Grades 4-10, and 4 in the IB Diploma Program (Grades 11 & 12).

For example, in 2016-2017, CIS supports up to eight different Additional Languages in one year group.

  • EAL
  • French
  • Hindi
  • Spanish
  • MT French
  • MT German
  • MT Japanese
  • MT Spanish

MT Language carries an additional fee, payable and discussed directly with the MT teacher. Space and timetable arrangements are organized by CIS. These classes are held at school, but are taught and assessed independently.


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