Teachers from across India met at Canadian International School, Bangalore to participate in the second TechConX. On Day 1, there were 3 hour workshops followed by classroom visits where participants witnessed the iPads in the hands of teachers and students.  On Day 2, we hosted 175 participants through 5 workshops and ended the day with a motivational presentation by Andrew Jewell of iTeach, Scotland.


Teachers worked; to create movies using a green screen, to take Google Virtual Field trips, and to create iTunesU courses that encouraged communication and collaboration. Teachers attending these sessions were given a choice of 7 workshops to attend. There was an interesting learning experience available for Early Years teachers and IB teachers. Throughout the day, numerous opportunities were given to teachers to connect them with ideas from each other’s classrooms. Information sharing was the key to this successful conference. Initial survey results of participants provided the following statistics:

REVIEWS OF TechConX 2017

  • 80% of respondents report that the speakers were very or extremely engaging.
  • 91% of respondents report that they felt very or extremely comfortable asking questions.
  • 79% of respondents report that there were very or extremely valuable networking opportunities at this conference.
  • 72% of respondents report that the conference was better or much better than expected.
  • 82% of respondents report that the conference was very good or excellent overall.

TechConX 2017

  • A good learning experience as I am not that used to work on iPad. I learnt to explore many things on it in these 2 days’.
  • ‘Well organized, a great learning experience’
  • ‘Event was very well organised. The Student Ambassadors did a great job. The entire CIS Team was very friendly and shared lot of valuable info and tips, in bringing technology into classroom.’
  • ‘I think I have a LOT of ideas for differentiation of ​assessment. What I saw in the tech was new ways for students to show me what they learned.’
  • ‘We were exposed to many apps which can be useful to help in our teaching .’


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