Preparing students to act with integrity in an increasingly digital world


For many schools, one-to-one education represents the ultimate in technology infusion. CIS is the first 1:1 iPad school in Bangalore, having begun this journey in 2011. And we’re continuously searching for fresh, exciting material and resources to successfully integrate into the curriculum. We see the 1:1 iPad program as a paradigm shift in how instruction is delivered.


In our Early Years and Elementary programs, students and teachers have access to three carts of 24 iPads each. These are regularly used at learning centers to research, explore and create. In August 2015, our Elementary and Secondary Tech Suite was opened. It is here during technology class that students learn to create a variety of content, practice coding, and do much more using iPads and robotics.

Starting from Grade 6, students enter our 1:1 iPad program and continue until Grade 12. All course content for these grades is delivered via the devices, including textbooks, subject-specific content, videos, and other resources. Students complete assignments on their iPads, and create a variety of projects including movies, comics, and interactive books as part of their course work.

Parallel to this, our secondary technology classes occur using the iOS and Windows platforms, with many learning activities blending iPad and desktop. ICT (IGCSE), ITGS (IB), and Computer Science (IGCSE and IB) are taught in grades 9-12.


In order to ensure success, technology usage is integrated into the curriculum at various levels. The iPads are often in use during project-based activities, and teachers continuously monitor and support safe and meaningful usage.

Elementary School students


  •  Elementary School students only use the iPads when under teacher supervision. Personal devices are not used during school hours. Should parents like to see the apps that the students are using, they may contact our Technology Integrationist.

  • Middle and High School are part of our 1:1 iPad Programme. All students in these grades must have an iPad. The office can provide you with the contact details of our Apple products re-seller.

  •  Students entering this programme must attend an iPad Boot Camp with their parents. This has been developed as a brief introduction to the device, and to assist with the safe and meaningful use of iPads in school and at home. A list of school-mandated apps will be shared for students to install.

  •  CIS has a ‘No Gaming, No Social Media’ policy across the campus. Students are strongly encouraged to use their iPads safely and responsibly.

  •  Parents are reminded that CIS is an iPad-only school. Android tablets, Macbooks and other devices are not permitted. Students are not permitted access to the network on these devices. Our course content platform is delivered through iTunes U.

Important information

CIS continues to integrate and focus on Digital Citizenship as part of our Technology program. We follow and teach the Common Sense Media Curriculum and use several of the resources available to discuss related topics.


At CIS, teachers and students use their iPads to enhance the educational experience. The iPads are used to create content, research, present and do so much more with access to Wi-Fi across the entire campus. There are a range of apps used on the iPad, from content creation and learning, to content and subject-specific apps. We use iTunes U as our course delivery platform. This is available to the students at all times. CIS has also hosted an Ed-Tech Conference, the TechConX, inviting educators from schools across India to see how we integrate technology in the classroom.


CIS strives to prepare students for an ever-changing global community by developing lifelong skills, including digital citizenship. We encourage our students from K-12 to safely, ethically and consciously explore, create and communicate in a 1:1 environment, so that every student at CIS becomes an informed decision-maker who considers his or her digital footprint, from both personal and community perspectives. As knowledgeable and responsible digital citizens, our students will be able to harness the learning potential of an increasingly connected world, and lead happy and successful lives.

To support this, we have adopted and continue to implement the Common Sense Media Digital Citizenship Curriculum. Throughout the academic year, students and teachers have the opportunity to meet with our Technology Integrationist or Technology Support Team for any support they may require.


CIS is a culturally-rich mosaic, serving each student by providing a world-class international education, nurturing potential, developing life-long skills, and preparing students for an ever-changing global community.