Regis Caudrillier

K-12 Vice Principal/Boarding Director

Regis Caudrillier

Boarding Director

As Head of the CIS Boarding, I am proud of the unique experience of life we offer students who live on campus. We have succeeded in blending independence of thought with respect for others. Our students enjoy what we call ‘humane discipline’. We have rules and students understand the need for them. However, we also recognize compelling circumstances and adapt accordingly. For example, although we have a strict bedtime policy, there are exceptional occasions when we allow students to stay up late… for football! There are quite a few of our boarding students for whom football is almost everything! Hence for a few of the important European Cup matches, we allow them to watch late at night… with conditions, though!


My role, in coordination with the boarding manager and the boarding-team (boarding parents) is to plan out and put in place a program of activities and academic support that creates a natural balance for our boarders. It is always a challenging one, given the age range and varied cultural background of our students. However, we work hard at it and every year we achieve a strong sense of harmony shared by students and boarding parents alike. This year, the Boarding Team treated the students by performing a ‘Line Dance” at our end-of-year grade 12 farewell ‘Night of Kings and Queens”. It is another example of the kind of ‘bond’ that is shared between parents and students of the boarding, which is making the CIS Boarding a caring environment to blossom in.



CIS is a culturally-rich mosaic, serving each student by providing a world-class international education, nurturing potential, developing life-long skills, and preparing students for an ever-changing global community.